Música pra ouvir em pé EP

by Bruno Real

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Primeiro volume de um trabalho que se não é pra pista, também não é pra sofá. Bom pra se ouvir em pé, provavelmente.

Da série "O homem, a cidade e suas respostas".

"No concreto, a flor" appears originally in Hy Brazil Vol 1: Fresh Electronic Music From Brazil 2013 for SPIN Magazine. // www.spin.com/articles/hy-brazil-vol-1-fresh-electronic-music-from-brazil-compilation-download/

"Bruno Real's 'No Concreto, A Flor', my favorite track on the comp, is simply otherworldly, pulling together elements of the Brooklyn and Berlin house undergrounds with a hint of tropical psychedelia." Philip Sherburne (SPIN)

+ www.soundcloud.com/brunoreal


released March 23, 2013




Bruno Real Curitiba, Brazil

Bruno born in a small city and today live in Curitiba.

He became interested in studying the relationship between man, the city and its answers. He first tried to address the subject in a post-graduate course, but it was in the form of music that he initiated the creation of an urban atmosphere-oriented tracks, printing in these sounds the symbiotic relationship that we have with our urban spaces. ... more

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